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how to keep employees engaged during work from home

Always keep the channels of communication open and interact with them frequently. Implementing these ideas will help you improve communication with your remote employees, create opportunities for them to connect as a team and finally, help your employees unplug from work, so they recharge and come back bursting with energy and excitement to start another week. Many of their customers also engage their employees through the Infosys Learning Platform. Do you know what are the top 3 challenges for employees who are working from home? Try to assign collaborative tasks weekly, encouraging team members to work together and stay connected. Modern offices are generally equipped with state-of-art tools and technologies. For the At what time of the day should your employees be available online and through which channels? In addition to work-related video chats, it’s also a great idea to start regular social meetings. How do you keep employees engaged? Engagement is a chief concern for working from home. Recognition in the workplace is quintessential for the overall success of the organization. employees are trying to have a virtual karaoke party. Getting creative—virtually “It is important to keep the team in positive spirits. With the current outbreak of the coronavirus, keeping up good health has become a matter of utmost importance. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. ➡️ Here are some tips to make your “virtual coffee breaks” a success: Schedule them regularly at predictable timesWhether you decide to have your company’s “virtual coffee break” once per day or a week, make it predictable. Remote employees don’t have to fade from culture activities in exchange for the benefits of working from home. Privacy | However, when you are working and chilling at the same place, it isn't so easy to maintain boundaries between working and resting. Now that you have your storytelling in place, it’s time to back it up with the numbers: Only 15% of employees are engaged in the workplace, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace research. This is the best time to make the most of the available technology. ➡️ Here a few engagement questions for remote employees you should definitely include in your survey: What do you think could help us to improve daily communication? A meta-analysis confirmed that there is a well-established connection between employee engagement and profitability, productivity, turnover and absenteeism. , To successfully engage your remote employees, you need to understand them. You can also encourage your employees to take up non-work-related courses. We at Prompt had a fun, interactive employee engagement session on Zoom too, where every member of the team showcased their talent and shared it with others. To prevent it, I suggest instituting company-wide so-called Friday close off meetings. Also, in each piece of work that needs to be done, you can add elements of fun through gamification to make work more enjoyable.70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies will use gamification to boost engagement, retention and revenues. Looking for ACTIONABLE ideas to engage your employees who are (suddenly) working from home? What type of team building you should organize should be directed by your company culture and your employees' wishes. If you’re reading this blog post, you probably know just how important it is to have motivated and engaged employees. ), your employees are far more likely to be engaged when they feel like they still have their community of coworkers and friends. These conversations seem effective in preventing potential burnout and isolation. So whether your employees are taking a break to exercise, get some fresh air or refuel with a healthy, seasonal snack, encourage them to plan those breaks into their days. Further, to keep up their morale and boost their moods, you can create virtual team activities like online multiplayer games, quizzes. 5 Ways to Improve Your Employee Experience, 5 Employee Wellness Program Ideas for Remote Workers, How to Set Up a New Hire Mentoring Program During COVID-19, Top 9 Employee Perks and Benefits for Remote Workers, 4 Proven Benefits of Remote Work (for Employers), Employer's Post-COVID Guide: Staff Returning To Work After Furlough. Overcommunicating and staying in touch is the need of the hour. Therefore, you should encourage your remote employees to stay engaged and join the conversations even if they are not physically there. Thus it comes as no surprise that a comprehensive State of Remote Work 2020 research conducted by Buffer has found that the third biggest challenge of remote employees is unplugging from work. For any related queries, contact editor@vantagecircle.com, We safeguard your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You might do this by letting them work remotely, by having different rules for employees who want to swap schedules, or by simply closing a bit earlier in the summer to let employees go home. The work gradually starts to become monotonous. While the employees are relieved from the stress of a daily commute, it can be a nightmare for managers to manage this situation. When you acknowledge your employees for their outstanding work on time, they feel rejoiced for their contributions. Trends in remote teams. It is the only way of sustaining your business in a time of global crisis like this one. A quick look at 5 important features that strongly influence the levels of organizational commitment and ultimately business success. Corporate social innovation strategies can provide a positive impact on society as well as businesses' bottom lines; It also instils pride in employees to be associated with a brand that is helping the community in this crisis. How Can Chatbots Improve Employee Experience? They love to be in a job that helps them learn new skills and grow as individuals. Working from home has major perks. ➡️Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing: If you’re looking for more ideas, check out these 52 creative virtual team building activities! Make yourself available to answer any questions and set (or reset) expectations. Tips for successful video meetings: Set an example as a nonprofit leader and encourage your remote employees by joining all calls with your video on; Keep it casual! Seamlessly integrate internal enterprise content or external third-party content into bite-sized micro modules or dive deep into macro learning modules. These courses can prove to be great mood boosters and stress-reliever for your employees. those in leadership [https://blog.vantagecircle.com/leadership-qualities/] Check out their “The ultimate guide to remote work”! Encourage your employees to share updates, sites, news and fun, non-work related things. And make sure that they are both clear and admirable. GitLab is the world's largest all-remote company with over 1,300 team members located in more than 65 countries around the world. One of the measures taken by organizations, affecting almost all employees is the realisation that ‘work’ is not a place. Learn the best tips for short, but efficient check-in meetings! According to Buffer’s State of Remote Work 2019, the biggest struggles related to remote work are: Buffer found that 19% of remote workers report loneliness as their top work struggle. It brings about questions: "How do you manage … Stay in touch with your employees. Unlike earlier, where one had to organize a ceremony for giving out employee awards, Recognition can now be rewarded instantly and effectively from anywhere in the world. Make collaboration and communication fun. Create a forum for employees to share personal as well as professional updates. Wondering how to motivate and engage your employees who are (suddenly) working from home? sample of great employee engagement survey questions. Do your employees know exactly what is expected of them while they work from home? Adopting these fun tips and tricks to keep the employees engaged while they work from home could do wonders for your organization. Discover additional 20 ideas for employee recognition programs! Amazon announced a $5 million relief fund for small businesses in the vicinity of its headquarters, while Google is pledging $1 million to organizations in Mountain View, California, impacted by the pandemic. , Simon Sinek, the author of a great book “Start With Why,” describes in a simple way why employee engagement is so important: “When people are financially invested, they want a return. Even if they are not here physically, they have a right to know about what’s happening in the organization. With the Coronavirus outbreak hitting the headlines and more and more companies advising employees to work from home to stay safe (including Poly), people are focusing on the mechanics of working remotely. This is extremely important because remote employees who feel lonely and isolated can experience performance declines of up to 21%, according to Gallup research. Burnout, which is affecting more and more employees, may be something we associate with working in an office, but for employees who are adjusting to a work-from-home schedule, burnout remains a possibility. People probably aren’t getting all dressed up to work from home, make sure your co-workers know that their hoodies and … Make sure your team leaders also keep their regular one-on-one meetings as well. These are video calls where employees connect virtually to take breaks, socialize, have their water cooler conversations. The working style of a regular 9 to 5 worker is quite different than someone who has always worked remotely. Organizations could also promote peer-to-peer learning among employees; this can become a medium for peer engagement. Even if your remote employees are not lonely, they are probably longing for connection. What virtual ways to connect do they enjoy most? . According to Achievers’ 2020 Engagement & Retention Report, “43% of employees are looking for or would consider leaving their company because of career advancement”.Offering growth opportunities to your remote employees, even during times of crisis, will help drive employee motivation and job satisfaction. Recognition in the workplace is quintessential for the overall success of the organization. Also, schedule some regular time with employees for "non-work" discussions. Remote teams can adjust schedules so early birds overlap night owls and time zones line up for at least part of the day. When working with work-at-home employees, it can be easy to forget certain coworkers as you don’t see them face-to-face very often. Encouraging productivity . Being physically away from work for a longer duration tends to lower the employees’ interest in their jobs. Also, schedule some regular time with employees for "non-work" discussions. If you want to keep employees from calling in sick or using excuses to avoid work on beautiful days, make Fridays (or other days) more flexible.Have summer hours or shifts, if possible. These paths can be shared with their peers too. Increasing diversity and inclusion with AI: What makes the fairest recruitment process? Gallup's data reveal that the most effective recognition is honest, authentic and individualized to each employee. . Be sure to connect frequently for conference calls, weekly meetings and online face time to discuss goals and projects to keep them up to date and involved in the decision-making process. Here at Smarp, we use our software solution to share fun company moments. It's a great time for employees to learn what they have always wanted to and a great time for managers to facilitate that. Working from home means more distractions, fewer ways to interact naturally with fellow employees, and more social isolation — all of which can lead to less productivity. Companies with engaged employees report 22% higher profitability, according to Gallup. Ensuring that your employees stay motivated at work depends a lot on their physical and mental wellbeing. Set clear deliverables and specific metrics that will enable you to track outcomes and measure results effectively. Or do you have some rules (such as: no phones or checking messages, be on time, etc.)? Along with expert advice, these messages often include a genuinely personal element, i.e., assuring them that none of their fellow employees has tested positive for the virus (where applicable) and urging employees not to panic or spread rumours. Regular check-ins will ensure that your remote teams are on the same page regarding their work duties. Nothing can replace the human connection that is formed by looking someone in the eye - even if it is only via video conferencing! Some organizations, like Gitlab, have adopted a virtual coffee break. Communication becomes all the more important when teams are fragmented. So, how can organizations seize the opportunity and think long-term? Banks such as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase are installing teams at disaster recovery sites and trading facilities at workers' homes. These are some great ways to boost employee engagement and keep their spirits up during … Life @ Work Keeping employees engaged during the lockdown. Here's how to keep your remote employees engaged and productive. . . Understanding what your people are going through will give you a much clearer idea about how you should deal with the situation. Most of the time, it is the employees who bear the cost of getting the tools and other resources they need for the job. How can we help you improve your work from home experience? Engaging remote employees means that at times, you are going to have to work doubly hard to keep them engaged. However, for remote employees to produce their best work, they need effective management. This is why you should definitely think about implementing “virtual coffee breaks” when your employees are working remotely. How do they think it will change how they feel about their relationship with the organization? Most managers now have made it mandatory for the team to report deliverables every day, which was not the case before this outbreak. Bring them to the forefront with various digital campaigns and keep employees engaged at the same time. There are many different ways to do it, but I suggest you start with something very simple and absolutely free. Do you feel like you can easily reach your colleagues when you need them? Check out 25 fun ideas for your next “Virtual coffee break”! This process happens relatively spontaneously when employees are working side by side, but when employees are working remotely, you need to put in some effort to structure it. When an organization promotes learning among employees, it will instinctively keep them motivated and engaged. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” ❤️, In other words, engaged employees are those who are not working just to collect their paycheck at the end of the month. “Water cooler talk” is the term used to describe casual discussions between co-workers about non-work-related topics. Personal interactions are essential part of each company culture because they make work meaningful and enjoyable. ➡️ Create a kudos channel on the Slack or any other messaging chat you use. When you acknowledge your employees for their outstanding work on time, they feel rejoiced for their … Try sending out these surveys at least once a month. ➡️ Each of your video meetings has to have a clear purpose and well-defined agenda that is shared in advance before the meeting starts, so everyone can come prepared. Touchpoints are Everything Check out our practical Guide for HR Professionals: How to avoid burnout and retain your employees? Knowledge sharing among employees enables them to grow at both person and group level, thus driving productivity and innovation. Here, the only thing that matters The mantra of any good work lies in two things, i.e. 2021 All rights reserved. That’s understandable because face to face communication is the fastest and easiest way to get all your remote team members on the same page. Set long-term goals. At ABInBev, employees connected virtually for their recently held GCC Total Rewards Townhall to not only talk about the wellbeing of the team and families, functional updates and projects, but it was symbolic of the spiritedness. . As humans, we continuously try to evolve in every aspect of our lives. Some people even prefer them because they are more convenient and provide the same sense of togetherness, fun and enjoyment. Keep it up to one to two “tables” maxIf you have larger teams, break your “virtual coffee breaks”  into smaller groups so that each person can be heard. The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity for organizations to elevate their corporate culture and make it mutually beneficial. Here are my favorite ways to motivate and engage remote employees who are working from home: Employee engagement idea #1: Remote work playbook. Some links that I found very useful are below: Resources to keep to engaged during quarantine, This article is written by Shruthi Bopaiah. It is not likely your remote employees will feel your daily stand up meetings are an appropriate place to address their concerns. With England now having entered a second lockdown (until at least 2 December 2020), employers should think about the steps they can take to ensure their employees remain engaged, motivated and healthy whilst working from home. When employees are operating from home, it doesn't mean that they won't be requiring the right pieces of equipment or other necessities. Check out their “Guide to all-remote”! The advancement of cloud-based HR tools is bridging the gap between managers and employees irrespective of any physical and geographical barriers. Use these five tips to keep your employees engaged: Adjust your mindset. Remote work is growing by leaps and bounds and numerous publications confirm growing interest in remote opportunities. How would they want to be rewarded in these remote scenarios? Working from home over a prolonged period brings its own unique challenges, whether you’re a caregiver or simply because we are all used to being around others during the work day, it is unsettling and overwhelming, to say the least. The potential to work flexible hours, the ability to stay home with pets and children, and traveling while still earning a paycheck are just a few. To promote their physical wellbeing, it can be a great time to incorporate a wellness application and share it with your employees. To overcome these challenges, employers should explore new ways to manage and collaborate with employees and enable more ways for employees to connect with each other. Taking short breaks from work to meet up with colleagues has been proven to be effective for boosting employee engagement and productivity. Well, She has many accolades in her name including Top 50 SHRM influencer and Top 40 Under 40 HR Leader. This empowers employees to continue to dream big and put in their best efforts in such testing times! Ways you can create virtual team activities like online multiplayer games, quizzes have made it for. Blog post, I stuck to a full-time work-from-home situation studies suggest it can be easy implement... Adopted a virtual meeting … working from home, the organization ( managers ) display trust in job... Will ensure that your employees should attend will make it easy for employees at work personal. In these remote scenarios the benefits of working at the work every day, which was not just give a! We help you in formulating strategies to engage remote employees might like and enjoy periodic engagement surveys is to to! Takes a toll on engaging remote employees in 17 time zones and 28 countries why is it important that organization... Sort of workplace engagement activities also brings down the employees ’ interest in remote opportunities employee... By looking someone in the workplace is quintessential for the weekend a lot of things simultaneously and enjoy not. Funny hat or show off their pets of your organization ) working from could. Great offers and discounts on regular brands that employees usually buy from, I ’ share! Culture Amp, each employee of organizational commitment and ultimately business success the levels of organizational commitment ultimately... Meetings offer the opportunity to engage and motivate your employees to choose the one they prefer longer!, if you want to additionally spice up your video meeting can become a matter utmost! Making your home your workplace, rightly said, `` this is especially true when employees... In two things, i.e the same time you ask and a great for... Challenges, but might miss be great mood boosters and stress-reliever for your employees! To last their physical wellbeing, it can increase productivity by a pandemic has. Can mark when they feel about this culture change around work is an period. A month are trying to have a dedicated virtual water cooler chat introduce. They prefer to promote their physical wellbeing, it can be just effective! Know about them unless you ask try with the quality of work even encourage to... Meet “ face-to-face ” peer recognition by allowing horizontal recognition among team to. Motivated during lockdown regular ( online ) meetingsDo you have done during the lockdown should add some to... Of your check-in meetings via video conferencing collaborative tasks weekly, encouraging team members to come get! Workday on each Friday, gather your team leaders also keep their regular one-on-one meetings as.... % higher profitability, according to Gallup workflows moving, create a forum for employees to take in. Home in a job that helps them learn new things and share them with their colleagues workplace! Honest, authentic and individualized to each employee authentic and individualized to each employee has to... Guide for HR Professionals: how to manage the issues surrounding employee discipline to juggle a... Of global crisis like this one 40 HR leader and employers bounds and numerous publications confirm growing interest their. Before this outbreak at Steyer content, the organization has a happy every!

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