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how are the minoans and the mycenaeans alike and different

Both the Minoan and Mycenaean cultures were early Greek cultures, spanning several centuries before Christ. Which best describes a difference between the Minoan and Mycenaean societies? ATHENS - The origins of the Bronze Age Minoan and Mycenaean cultures have puzzled archaeologists for more than a century. They adapted the writing of the Minoans to their own language. The Minoans was a naval civilization and the Mycenaean were a land civilization and the Minoans DID NOT have fortresses. Due to additional evidence from Minoan artwork, researchers also conclude that women functioned in high-level roles in that society, perhaps even as priestesses, but there are no correlating artistic representations in Mycenaean material culture i… Where did the Minoans originally come from? The Minoans and Mycenaeans: The history of. The only differences are their iconographic elements. They both believed in one goddess and they had the same palace layout. The principal difference between the Minoan and Mycenaean societies is geographical, as the first was developed in the island of Crete, while the second was developed in continental Greece. Is one of the best books I have ever read. Thats was name of Crytis legendary king (Minos) Their civilization is characterized by certain type of the arcitechture and art that can be rendered Minoan. Explanation: -The Minoan culture is the first European civilization of the Copper and Bronze Age appeared on the island of Crete. The Minoans and Mycenaeans were alike in that they both had similar customs and cultures, and both civilizations participated in trade. Because of the mixing of the two cultures, at least during parts of their history, their arts and cultures blended, and both of the cultures generated wealth, at least for some of the people. According to a study published in Nature, DNA analysis showed that “Minoans and Mycenaeans were genetically similar, having at least three-quarters of their ancestry from the first Neolithic farmers of western Anatolia and the Aegean”. Mycenaean greece wikipedia. The Trojan War wasn't a classical Greek war, but a Mycenaean … Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome (ATS) is a rare connective tissue disorder characterized by tortuosity, elongation and aneurysms/stenosis of large and middle sized . The Minoans are known for their intricate, high-quality pottery and craftsmanship, and the numerous burial goods of Cretan provenance and Minoan influence on mainland Greece suggests there was a high demand for it in the elite Mycenaean society. Accompanying an exhibition held in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens (July-November 1999) this is a unique study of the eating and drinking habits, health, disease and medicine of the Mycenaean and Minoan civilisations. Since the Minoans are the older culture, it makes sense that they had influenced the Mycenaeans more than the other way around. The principal difference between the Minoan and Mycenaean societies is geographical, as the first was developed in the island of Crete, while the second was developed in continental Greece. Following this point about sailing, thy both spent some time sailing in the water, with sailing being there strongest a most popular sport at the time. Home » Writing » Minoan and mycenaean comparison and contrast writing. In LotsofEssays.com. If you have ever wondered about Atlantis: you will find it in The Minoan history. Both of the cultures had a royal class, and both cultures developed sophisticated architecture, one of the principal ways of expending their wealth (Graham 9). These two civilizations were also different. Common motifs are also processions and sacred rituals, such as bull-leaping. Archaeological finds from Mycenaean sites such as Mycenae and Pylos indicate that the Minoans may have been working as intermediaries between the Mycenaeans and other cultures, such as Egypt, in their well-established trade networks. The Minoan civilization was a Bronze Age Aegean civilization on the island of Crete and other Aegean Islands, flourishing from c. 3000 BC to c. 1450 BC until a late period of decline, finally ending around 1100 BC.It represents the first advanced civilization in Europe, leaving behind massive building complexes, tools, artwork, writing systems, and a massive network of trade.

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