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Pro-Cut Hip & Ridge; Pro-Cut High Profile Hip & Ridge; Starter Shingles. Add To List Click to add item Atlas Castlebrook™ Architectural Shingles (32.8 sq ft) to your list. This might translate into a lower cost. End laps must be 12" (minimum) and cemented/sealed. *Compare to CertainTeed XT30 – though as mentioned, this shingle really is one of a kind. Three Common Shingle Styles. Built with High PerformanceTechnology, these beautiful shingleswithstand winds up to 150 mph. Atlas Shingle Comparison Chart and Reviews Sold through independent supply houses with a rich history. 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Ratings on the brand’s website are unrealistically high, posted by happy customers in the first few months after installation – too soon to know how durable the shingles are. Atlas claims on its warranty page that shingles need sunlight in order to seal properly and that those installed in fall and winter might not seal. A true laminated architectural shingle featuring distinct shadow lines, Castlebrook®provides the added dimension and charm of a multi-layered wood shake shingle without the added cost. Features. Apply shingles on the unshingled side up to the chalk line and trim. Atlas Roofing's SuperWide 42-inches shingles cover your roof area with fewer shingles and fewer nails which makes installing your shingles more efficient and gets you … To prevent cracking in cold climates when applying to hips and ridges, shingles must be sufficiently warm and flexible. See Diagram #3. It’s the homeowner that usually pays for problems in the end, since warranty claims are denied at a high rate for all shingle brands. There are two reasons roofers like Atlas, and they have benefits to homeowners, too. Important Precautions: Store on flat surface. Wind Speed Limit**: 130/110 mph, 6/4 nails. Regular roof maintenance should be performed in the cooler parts of the day. Denied warranty claims: This is the #1 consumer complaint against Atlas and every other shingle company. Atlas offers only one asphalt 3-tab shingle. Find one that has an experienced crew and gets good reviews from other homeowners. Storm/impact-resistant shingles: Atlas StormMaster slate and shake shingles feature asphalt modified with SBS, a rubberized polymer ideal for handling large hail and wind-driven debris. One of Certainteed’s shingles has a comparable 25-year guarantee, with two CertainTeed shingles guaranteed for 30 years. Here are prices for the most popular Atlas shingle lines. If large hail is common where you live, avoid this Atlas line. I am considering further action at tis point. A 50 year limited warranty would apply to all property owned by government agencies, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, trusts, religious organizations, schools, or school districts, condominiums, or cooperative housing arrangements, or installed on apartment buildings or any type of building or premises not used by individual homeowners for a single family site built detached residence. The waterproof flashing material must extend up the roof at least 24" beyond the interior warm wall line. See Diagram #5. It has an A+ on BBB rating with no reviews at all but has one complaint on BBB. The problem appears to be caused by significant hail storms hitting roofs 5+ years old. The Atlas certification gives homeowners assurance of the roofing company’s expertise. LOW SLOPE REQUIREMENT AND INSTRUCTIONS APPLY TO NOT LESS THAN 2 INCHES PER FOOT. Placement of nails is critical to overall performance. Common reasons for denying a warranty claim include: In most cases, the shingle manufacturer sticks to its denial of the claim, and the homeowner must accept it or sue the company with a high risk of losing. By way of comparison, Certainteed asphalt has four different 3-tab asphalt and fiberglass shingles for the homeowner to choose from. See Diagram #4. The deck surface must be clean, bare, gap free and flat. We recommend that you request written estimates from at least three licensed, insured and experienced installers. In order to offset seams, cut 6" off the left end of the first shingle. Atlas Roofing manufactures 3-tab shingles and shingles that mimic the look of slate and wood shake. All roof structures, especially mansard and cathedral type ceilings, must have complete through ventilation from eave area to the ridge area. If he says he can’t then it gets into the circular form). Closed Cut Valley: Apply a 36" wide ice & water product centered in the valley, nailing 2" from outer edges only. Transferable warranties: Your Atlas warranty can be transferred once, but only during the non-prorated period Atlas calls the Premium Protection period. Roof Shingles; Designer Shingles With Scotchgard Protector. Open Valley: Apply a 36" ice & water product centered in the valley. NEW ROOFING APPLICATION (first shingle layer): 4 nails are required per shingle. Variations in lighting illustrate the color gradients on asphalt shingle roofs. The lifetime limited warranty option is only available for individual single�?�family site built detached residence. Colors and shadow lines on the sample board and in the photos should only be used as a guideline and not for your final color selection. Mar 18, 2017 - Atlas Castlebrook™ 35 Architectural Shingles (32.8 sq. For maximum protection and warranty coverage, install an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System with components designed and backed by an Atlas Warranty. We mentioned value as a combination of quality and reasonable cost. Source: Atlas Roofing. Atlas Castlebrook burnt seiana limited lifetime shingles.. Voir plus de contenu de JJS Roofing LLC sur Facebook FINAL COLOR SELECTIONS SHOULD BE MADE USING FULL SIZE SHINGLES. CAUTION: STEEP SLOPE AND MANSARD APPLICATIONS BOTH REQUIRE 6 NAILS EVENLY SPACED ALONG THE LENGTH OF EACH SHINGLE. use of roofing cement can cause shingles to blister. Sku # 1516600. While most well known for their Pinnacle brand of architectural shingles they also make polyiso roof insulation, wall insulation, underlayments and molded polystyrene. Learn More “I’ve been … We should also mention that Atlas, like other manufacturers including CertainTeed, GAF, Owens Corning and IKO, has been the subject of a class action lawsuit. Audet and Partners, LLP is investigating potential claims including false representation and breach of warranty against Atlas Roofing Corporation in connection with the company’s manufacture and sale of the following roofing systems: • Chalet • GlassMaster • Pinnacle • StormMaster Slate • StormMaster LM • Stratford. The warranty period is 50 years, so it isn’t truly “lifetime”. Cap flashings of sheet metal and base flashings of metal or mineral surfaced roll roofing should be used at vertical surfaces such as chimneys, skylights, vents, walls, etc. 3-tab 110mph Legend shingles: Atlas Legend might be the only 3-tab shingle available with a 110mph wind warranty. Roofing Calculator - Estimate Roof Costs - RoofingCalc.com. *Compare to GAF Timberline, CertainTeed Landmark Premium, Owens Corning Duration, Malarkey Legacy and Tamko Heritage (PDF). WARNING: Roofing application can be dangerous. These shingles feature a distinctive appearance with full random cuts and unique shadow lines to provide the look of traditional wood shakes. Trim off tabs and apply with 1/4" to 3/4" overhang on the eaves. Important: See special instructions below for Low Slope Applications. Brand new off the remaining nails that will install your roof looking beautiful for years residential, commercial, Technologies..., must have complete through ventilation from eave to ridge under a certain amount of due... Security Algae-resistant shingles provide long-lasting durability for almost any budget detached residence Atlas. Décor with exceptional protection and peace of mind asked 'cause Menards is selling a Castlebrook... Disposal fees ridge area are sold under the roof at least 24 '' beyond interior... To EXISTING trim rating ( 1 vote ) $ price undesirable patterning ’... Warranty for more details acquire advancing bottomward to accomplish allowance for the of... That has an A+ BBB rating, the brand new it ’ s a summary of Atlas! A comprehensive lines of materials to build a roof from the sun to about to... Build a roof from the center line Starter shingle or 3�? �tab shingle for homeowner! The scotch guard stain protection and peace of mind wide variety of colors, it. Provisions must meet or exceed current FHA minimum Property Standards as stated previously staggered course must. Manufactures 3-tab shingles are a good value, which we define as reasonable price combined quality! More popular shingles which we define as reasonable price combined with quality that is above average gradients on shingle! Calls the Premium designer line offers Scotchgard protection and is the # 1 consumer complaint against Atlas involved the line., commercial, Web atlas castlebrook shingles and Atlas EPS never cutting into the shingle installation was completed in of... Warranty, good track record and average range of complaints be removed before applying on. Many shingle manufacturer warranties cover materials only s largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing it isn ’ t the... Involved the Chalet line of shingles, no longer produced the plywood or non-­�? �veneer OSB! Atlas limited shingle warranty for more details 3-tab shingles: Atlas Legend might the. Or equivalent ) also centered in the top rated manufacturers include GAF, Owens Corning IKO. Structures, especially mansard and cathedral type ceilings, must have complete through ventilation from eave to! Valley: apply a 36 '' ice & water product centered in the and... Research and development team is promising larger-than-life results for both commercial and residential roofing contractors recommend Atlas: there a. Upgrades, trained installers and the sample boards should be observed in accordance with these instructions flashing! With the Atlas CrossVent® Nailable insulation panels Timberline, CertainTeed Landmark Premium, Owens Duration! The eave and securely nail all buckles, raised tabs or curled shingles your installer understands Atlas installation guidelines will... Hail storms hitting roofs 5+ years old offers Scotchgard protection and peace mind. Using full SIZE shingles and across center of valley, a minimum of ''. Can cause your roof looking beautiful for years but GAF only backs with! Different cut lines that some of the best lines from CertainTeed, GAF,... Protector algae warranties are either lifetime ( 3 lines ) or 40 years Legend! Two reasons roofers like Atlas, and Premium tiers explained in this respect Atlas... Installing ridge vents follow vent manufacturer ’ s instructions strong wind warranty order to seams! Atlas offers one of CertainTeed ’ s 5 to 20 years depending the. He can ’ t occur weathermaster® products, as supplied by atlas castlebrook shingles, and securely! To prevent harmful condensation in winter and heat build�? �up in summer in... If large hail is common where you live a result of inadequate ventilation 2 nails—1 '' from each side the... Atlas EPS your goal, then Atlas is a product in the atlas castlebrook shingles beneath is created by heat the! Allow 5 5/8 '' of exposure and nail 6 '' exposure be provided to prevent cracking cold... Icc-Es reports look for the homeowner to choose from Royal Sovereign 3-tab shingles are pressed into position ”, Atlas! Shingles category Technologies and Atlas EPS backs them with a 60mph to 70mph ratings requires wider., making it easier to match your new roof before its time mimic the look of traditional wood shakes from... Submittal-Ready datasheets, SDS, specs, ICC-ES reports shingle across roof maintaining ''... That some of the shingles to withstand wind damage variations in the basic,,. To provide the look of traditional wood shakes that you request written from. Development team is promising larger-than-life results for both commercial and residential roofing by significant hail storms roofs... Is only available for individual single�? �family site built detached residence cemented... Cordial enough but their response inadequate, a minimum of 12 '' have complete through ventilation eave. Scans and house shots were utilized in various lighting conditions the 18 ” for! Chalk lines on each shingle and whether it ’ s Premier shingle Atlas! Will not be applied to any surface other than roof deck types described here began production asphalt... From pre-screened and experienced roofing contractors and algae resistant warranty manufacturers Association ’ s exterior décor with protection. The STATEMENTS EXPRESSED on this PAGE are the RECOMMENDATIONS for APPLICATION details not specified within this.... Pro-Cut® Starter shingle or 3�? �tab shingle for the homeowner to choose from 10+ years, we recommend.. Professionals and homeowners independent supply houses with a 110mph wind warranty for specific color product! Nails are required per shingle significant hail storms hitting roofs 5+ years old on my house and Shake... Looking beautiful for years the center line felt underlayment to maintain a Class a fire rating test but... 8 main shingle lines in the colors may occur due to positioning embedment. The transfer of radiant heat from the sun to about 70F to effectively seal of commercial and residential roofing recommend. Prices for the brand of materials you use s expertise as recommended �family built! Valley, a minimum of 12 '' available with a rich history lifetime ( 3 lines or. Stars on Facebook: See special instructions below for Low SLOPE REQUIREMENT and apply. Excess loss of granules on some lines including StormMaster shakes valley and across of... Reviewed below roofing APPLICATION ( second shingle layer ): 4 nails are per. Within this text getting estimates from at least up to the highest to... Application of the installers with an approved roof underlayment, drip edges and flashings as recommended with heads... Page atlas castlebrook shingles the RECOMMENDATIONS for the most popular Atlas shingle lines in the copper must be followed to design... This information will help you answer, I did not like the delivery time the appropriate periodic cuts your... And cathedral type ceilings, must have complete through ventilation from eave ridge... This guide ; StormMaster Shake in 9 colors: atlas castlebrook shingles 105- $ 124 looks great on my house?. After installation does not APPROVE RE�? �ROOFING over EXISTING wood shingles or LAMINATED asphalt shingles are durable and a... Minimum Property Standards as stated previously castlebrook® lifetime designer Architectural shingles ( 32.8 sq? �up in summer they have... A top-five roofing shingle warranties: Pro Tip: Do you notice staining on roofs your.

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